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Guest Post: Choosing Wedding hairstyles can be a daunting process: It shouldn’t be!

The right hairstyle for your wedding attire comes with a lot of planning and trial and error sessions. Due to this very reason, choosing the right wedding hairstyle can be a very daunting task for many brides. Are you a bride caught in a dilemma as to what hairstyle suits you the best? Here are some suggestions to go by.

Things to consider

1. Before you pick your hairstyle, check your hair texture and volume and chose the style accordingly. Thick and curly hair must never be straightened as it would be difficult to manage through the entire ceremony. Similarly, straight hair must not be forced to remain permed, especially if it is sunny and humid when the hair can lose its luster and look limp and sticky. Choose a realistic style that suits your hair volume and thickness and also one that you are comfortable in.

2. The decision to wear it up as a bun or down too must be done carefully. Assess your comfort level and personality before making the final choice. The style should suit your face and also the wedding attire that your wear. Do not try elaborate hairstyles that you have never tried before. If you have long hair and are comfortable in wearing your hair up, a simple chignon could look stunning on you.

3. The right hair accessories can add that touch of elegance and attraction to any simple hairstyle. Choose between beautiful flowers, hair clips, hair bands and bows that suit your style. It is also important to coordinate your hairstyle with your dress. For high necks, a classic up do can do wonders. Similarly, for off shoulder or low necked dress, long hair with soft curls or straight spikes can make things elegant.

4. It is important to plan early as it will give you enough time to discuss with your hairdresser and look for possible styles in wedding magazines and hairstyle magazines. This will also give you enough time to try different styles and checkout the effect on your entire personality.

Some popular wedding hair styles

1. The classic bun

The classic bun has seen a lot if variation these days and now you can wear the tight bun into loose curls or with elegant strands of loose hair left around your face or even a fashionable chignon with braided borders and what not. The position of the bun too offers great possibilities for experimentation with side binds, buns that can be placed at the nape, etc.

2. Loose and textured styles

They are very easy and simple and can be styled according to your hair texture. Soft curls cascading down your shoulders can give an ethereal look if you seal the crown with a beautiful braid, flowers or a shining tiara.

3. Straight down

This can be curls or straightened hair left open for s simple hairdo. Styling involves use of beautiful hair clips and flowers at strategic spots to create a sophisticated look.

4. Half up

The half up style has revived interest with the Royal Wedding where Catherine, Prince William’s bride chose to adorn it. You can use a hairclip at the sides and leave your hair open after styling it with curls, or use a beautiful tiara to enhance the appeal.

Hairstyle can add a touch of sophistication to your entire wedding attire and hence, must be chosen with finesse.


About the author: Karien is a freelance writer, who loves to churn articles on wedding and these days, she is working on short wedding dresses. And her earnest desire is to own a showroom of juicy couture handbags.

Guest Post: Top Ten Wedding Day Beauty Products from Wedding Photographer Lauren Phillips

Your wedding day will be the happiest day in your life; it will also be the most emotional. One minute you will be freezing, the next sweating. One minute you will be laughing, the next hysterically crying. All of this is normal; it’s a big day. But this doesn’t mean you have to go through your big day sweaty with makeup running down your face. Thanks to modern-day beauty products, you can make it through the reception without a hair out of place. Listed below are the top ten beauty products for wedding day:

1. Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara; available in black, azure blue and chestnut; $24.50.

2. LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye (shadow) Primer; $20.00.

3. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer; available in colorless shades and colored shades to correct skin pigmentation problems; $32.00-$42.00.

4. Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens-Green Tea; 100 sheets for $10.00.

5. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold; $7.00.

6. Dior Lip Maximizer; available in pink and apricot; lasts for up to five hours; $30.00.

7. Degree Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Clinical Protection; for extra protection; $7.50.

8. Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash; to freshen up your breathe and mouth before the ceremony;$5.97.

9. Gold Bond Extra Strength Body Powder; to cool off your feet and minimize sweaty palms; $7.00.

10. Visine Redness Reliever Eye Drops, Original; to relieve redness caused by crying; $4.00.

Lauren Phillips has been a professional event photographer for 16 years and knows a thing or two about looking great in your wedding photos. She also owns the site Photography Degrees. She likes to write articles about everything photography. For more information, visit

Shed for the Wed: Our Favorite Workout DVD’s

You’ve bought your save the dates, you’ve selected the wording on your invitations, and you feel like things are on track to a perfect wedding day. Now it’s time to focus on something much more important than wedding stationery: your health!

With work, school, family, friends, wedding planning and all the other responsibilities you have on your plate, sometimes making it to the gym can get put on the backburner. But with this list, all you need is a dvd player and some workout clothes and you’re on your way to looking wedding day gorgeous.

Have these items on hand:
sports bra
exercise shorts/pants
sweat-wicking shirt
proper shoes (choose cross-trainers or running shoes depending on the activity)
3-8 lb weights
inexpensive yoga mat

And here’s a short list of DVD’s ranging from cardio to strength training to yoga to fit any workout need and schedule:

The Healthy Bride’s Bootcamp
This DVD is around 45 minutes and includes strength training, cardio and ab work all in one.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
This DVD is perfect for someone who is in a time crunch and needs a quick but challenging workout. You can work your way up through the levels at your own pace, or follow the 30 day plan to tone up and look great.

This program is for someone willing to dedicate the time and energy to a full-fledged fitness regimen. This program will transform not just your body, but the way you think about exercise and fitness.

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown
This video is perfect for days where you need to unwind, stretch your muscles and still get an amazing workout. With varying levels of difficulty, this DVD is perfect for beginners and experienced yogi’s alike.

Don’t feel like sitting in front of the tv? Go for a walk! Even just 15-30 minutes of activity a day will not only boost your mood, but rev up your metabolism.

What are your favorite workout dvd’s?

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Wedding Dress Workouts

From strapless to backless and sexy, wedding dresses highlight different areas on your body to make you look radiant on your wedding day. Different dresses showcase different areas on the body, so here is a quick guide to look your best in any dress type.

Strapless/Backless Dresses:
Strapless dresses and backless dresses really show off your back and arms, so try these toning exercises to make sure you look your best!

Deadlifts with a Row
Choose a weight that is comfortable but challenging.
Keep your core engaged and strong throughout the move.
Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

This exercise is challenging, but can be modified to accommodate your fitness level. Many gyms have an assisted pullup bar where you can work your way up to using your full body weight slowly. This is a great exercise that engages your whole back and core.

Lat Pulldowns
Choose a comfortable but challenging weight.
Hold your hands wider on the bar and squeeze your shoulder blades together to engage the muscles.

Straps and Plunging Necklines:
Dresses with this cut really show off your chest muscles and shoulders.

Dumbbell Chest Press
Choose a comfortable but challenging weight.
Keep your lower back firmly planted on the floor to engage your chest muscles completely.

Stability Ball Pushup
Keep your core engaged and remember to not lock your elbows!

Lateral Raise
Keep your shoulder blades pulled down and back, and tighten your core for stability.
Keep your feet, legs and torso in the same position throughout the exercise.

Form Fitting/Mermaid Dresses:
The point of these dresses is to show off your curves and really showcase your hourglass figure. The areas of your body that are really shown off in these dresses are your hips, waist and torso.

HIIT Cardio:
The best way to blast calories is with high intensity cardio, or High Intensity Interval Training. Start with a 5-10 minute warmup at a comfortable pace, and then do bursts of speed or resistance for 30 seconds to one minute (depending on what cardio machine you are using). Alternate between a comfortable pace and a fast pace for 15-20 minutes, and follow with a cooldown and plenty of stretching.

Bicycle Crunches:
This abdominal workout targets both the rectus abdominis and the obliques.
Go through the motions slowly to really engage the muscles, and focus on calm, rhythmic breathing.

All strength training regimens should be coupled with 3-5 days of cardio, whether it be running, biking, swimming or using the elliptical! Combined with a healthy diet, you will be on your way to looking amazing on your big day!

Disclaimer: Jenn Lane Design is not a registered dietician. All content in this article is based on research from outside sources. Consult a physician before making any major changes to your diet and exercise regimen.

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Guest Post: Wedding Day Makeup: What Every Bride Should Know

We are honored to have our first guest post from Jennifer Membreno, founder of Almond Eyes Makeup Artistry. Almond Eyes is a division of the Wedding and Event Planning group, Sweet Almond Events. Without further ado, we present to you:

Wedding Day Makeup: What Every Bride Should Know
Tips From A Top NYC Makeup Artist

You’ve spent time agonizing over every detail, your dress, your hairstyle, venue, flowers, you name it! What about your makeup? Every bride should consider hiring a professional makeup artist for their big day. Because makeup artists work with specific products that are made for long wear and high definition photography, a professional makeup application will make your wedding photos look fabulous!

A skilled makeup artist will be able to highlight your best features and diminish any areas of concern. Whether you are looking for a sultry smoky eye, or a natural fresh face having the right makeup artist for your wedding will help to ensure that you will look your best.

When searching for a makeup artist, you should always book a trial in advance of your wedding date. Like you, makeup artists are individuals, who bring their personal style to their work. It is essential to make sure that your style and that of your bridal makeup artist is compatible. Typically a makeup artist will charge a fee for a trial, but it is well worth the extra investment to avoid any mishaps on your big day.

However, if you are set on doing your own makeup there are a few important items to have on hand , including waterproof mascara, long wear lip color, and a powder compact to touch up any shine throughout the day. For specific product recommendations, email Jennifer Membreno at Almond Eyes Makeup Artistry For general tips and tricks check out Almond Eyes Makeup Artistry on Facebook. “Like” our page and share your wedding photos as well as submit questions you might have.

To Contact Almond Eyes Makeup Artistry:

call 917-741-9544 or email

Pre-Wedding Beauty on a Budget

While planning a wedding can be stressful, the actual wedding day can be even more nerve-wracking for a bride. For one evening (or several, if you include the rehearsal dinner, day after brunch, bridal shower etc) you are the center of attention to dozens if not hundreds of people. My biggest worry on my wedding day was having all eyes on me while walking down the aisle. What if I had a pimple? Or tripped over my dress? Or had something in my teeth?

Photographers can fix almost anything from yellowing teeth to blemishes. (thank you photoshop!) But what about the day of? People can’t photoshop their eyes (yet.)

Here is a list of my top easy and cheap affordable beauty tips that you can do in the months leading up to your wedding, and still have a little money in your pocket.

Brighten Your Smile:
This was by far the easiest thing I did to prepare for the big day. Just buy the ones that you leave on and dissolve and use them before bed, on your way to work, during work, etc. They are quick, easy and make a noticeable difference in your smile!

Take Care of Your Nails:
You don’t have to go to a salon and get a mani-pedi every week, but you can easily take care of your nails at home with a few simple items. Keep your heels flake-free with a Ped Egg, and keep your nails filed. Paint on a strengthening polish if you have brittle nails that are prone to breaking. If you are a nail-biter, STOP NOW! Broken, chewed nails will not look nice when everyone asks to see your wedding rings on your big day.

Get Some Color:
Tanning in a bed or outside may be alluring, but with the rise in skin cancer, it is much wiser to invest in a gradual tanning lotion. Many self-tanning lotions come out splotchy and uneven, so test several different kinds in the months leading up to your wedding. Try to find one that doesn’t rub off on clothing. For a gradual tan, try Jergen’s Gradual Tan Lotion.

Tame Your Mane:
You don’t have to go and spend $200 every month on your hair, before the wedding. Just keep up on trims and do weekly deep conditioning treatments. (Many drugstores sell an at home deep conditioning system). Keeping your hair healthy early is a surefire way to have a beautiful ‘do on your wedding day.

Whether or not you are looking to drop a few pounds, drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day or more will make you look radiant. Drinking water helps your skin look brighter, and will keep your body healthy. Many brides get sick before their weddings due to stress, but keeping up on your health and cutting out sugary drinks can help alleviate this.

Hit the Gym:
Almost all wedding dresses these days are strapless, hip-hugging numbers that can make even the skinniest woman notice her flaws. Feel your bed on your wedding day both inside and out by including daily exercise into your schedule. You don’t have to run a marathon, but just include 30 minutes a day of activity. Strength training will help your arms, back and shoulders be strapless dress ready. Best of all, exercise is the #1 stress reliever!

Test your Makeup:
The first thing that people will see (after the big white dress) is your face. Make sure that you test your makeup routine if you are doing it yourself, or set up a trial with your makeup artist. This way, not only will you get to see how you want it to look, but you will find out if you have any allergies to the products being used.

Try an At-Home Facial:
While we’re on the subject of your face, take care of your skin by giving yourself monthly facials to exfoliate dead skin and clean out your pours. This is easy to do, and you can even use products you already have in your home. Keeping your skin radiant leading up to the wedding will ensure that you feel and look your best on your wedding day.

Eat your Vegetables:
A proper diet isn’t only beneficial for weight management, but can also have an effect on your outer beauty. Eating a balanced ratio of fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy carbs (think whole wheat, whole grain, brown rice, etc) will help your body to cleanse itself and feel great.

Don’t Make Big Changes:
The months before your wedding are not the time to find out if blondes have more fun if you’ve never tried it before. Big risks can sometimes lead to big rewards, but in regards to weddings, it usually leads to disaster. Don’t try crash diets, new hair colors, or go to a new hairdresser for a “trim” on your shoulder-length hair and end up with a pixie cut. Wait until after the wedding, just in case one of these transformations end up in disaster.