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Guest Post: Tonya Ailshie from Your Reflections Photography

Mission: To find your wedding photographer at a local Bridal Show Execution: Go to each photographers booths, look at their work, get pricing Mission Failed: Eventually you look thru your bag and can’t remember which flyer belongs to which photographer and you find expired show

How to Pick the Perfect Venue

Finding the right venue can be the most difficult and important decision on your wedding checklist. The venue ultimately sets the theme and feel for the wedding and reception. Having a wedding on the beach, in a church, in a backyard, or in Vegas each

Introducing the Wedding Budget Calculator!

A brand new, first of its kind, wedding budget app has been released by JennLaneDesign.com. This app combines all the data contained within wedding juggernauts like the knot.com into one very interactive interface that lets the user go line by line comparing their wedding budget

Easy Steps to a Healthy Diet

Many brides to be (and grooms as well) have the aspiration of dropping weight before your wedding. It’s a day where all eyes will be on you, and will produce photos that you will be showing your grandchildren someday. Who wouldn’t want to look their

Reception Ideas: Candy Buffet

It doesn’t matter if your 5 or 55, getting something for free makes you giddy. Wedding favors are one of the first things I look for at a wedding reception. It’s something that shows the couple’s personality and is the bride and grooms way of

Join us in Orlando for the Orlando Bridal Spectacular!

Planning a wedding is daunting enough. You have to remember details, organize countless checklists, make orders with vendors, cancel orders with vendors only to make them again, and more. Why not do all your wedding planning on one room? Join us this Sunday, January 15 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando for the Orlando Bridal Spectacular by Your Wedding TV!

It’s the ultimate opportunity to be get ideas for your big day, meet face to face with over 120 vendors and a chance to win fantastic prizes, including 50 free save the date card magnets from Jenn Lane Design!

Never been to a trade show? Check out this blog post on how to survive one from someone whose experienced it, both as a bride and a vendor!

If you are in the Orlando area, make sure to stop by and say hello! We look forward to a truly spectacular event!

Guest Post: Choosing Wedding hairstyles can be a daunting process: It shouldn’t be!

The right hairstyle for your wedding attire comes with a lot of planning and trial and error sessions. Due to this very reason, choosing the right wedding hairstyle can be a very daunting task for many brides. Are you a bride caught in a dilemma as to what hairstyle suits you the best? Here are some suggestions to go by.

Things to consider

1. Before you pick your hairstyle, check your hair texture and volume and chose the style accordingly. Thick and curly hair must never be straightened as it would be difficult to manage through the entire ceremony. Similarly, straight hair must not be forced to remain permed, especially if it is sunny and humid when the hair can lose its luster and look limp and sticky. Choose a realistic style that suits your hair volume and thickness and also one that you are comfortable in.

2. The decision to wear it up as a bun or down too must be done carefully. Assess your comfort level and personality before making the final choice. The style should suit your face and also the wedding attire that your wear. Do not try elaborate hairstyles that you have never tried before. If you have long hair and are comfortable in wearing your hair up, a simple chignon could look stunning on you.

3. The right hair accessories can add that touch of elegance and attraction to any simple hairstyle. Choose between beautiful flowers, hair clips, hair bands and bows that suit your style. It is also important to coordinate your hairstyle with your dress. For high necks, a classic up do can do wonders. Similarly, for off shoulder or low necked dress, long hair with soft curls or straight spikes can make things elegant.

4. It is important to plan early as it will give you enough time to discuss with your hairdresser and look for possible styles in wedding magazines and hairstyle magazines. This will also give you enough time to try different styles and checkout the effect on your entire personality.

Some popular wedding hair styles

1. The classic bun

The classic bun has seen a lot if variation these days and now you can wear the tight bun into loose curls or with elegant strands of loose hair left around your face or even a fashionable chignon with braided borders and what not. The position of the bun too offers great possibilities for experimentation with side binds, buns that can be placed at the nape, etc.

2. Loose and textured styles

They are very easy and simple and can be styled according to your hair texture. Soft curls cascading down your shoulders can give an ethereal look if you seal the crown with a beautiful braid, flowers or a shining tiara.

3. Straight down

This can be curls or straightened hair left open for s simple hairdo. Styling involves use of beautiful hair clips and flowers at strategic spots to create a sophisticated look.

4. Half up

The half up style has revived interest with the Royal Wedding where Catherine, Prince William’s bride chose to adorn it. You can use a hairclip at the sides and leave your hair open after styling it with curls, or use a beautiful tiara to enhance the appeal.

Hairstyle can add a touch of sophistication to your entire wedding attire and hence, must be chosen with finesse.


About the author: Karien is a freelance writer, who loves to churn articles on wedding and these days, she is working on short wedding dresses. And her earnest desire is to own a showroom of juicy couture handbags.

How to Lose A Bridesmaid in 10 Days!

Hopefully you will never be put in this position, but there may come a day when you or someone you care for elects the wrong female to be a bridesmaid. Whether it is because you really really wanted it for your new best friend that you just started hanging out with and don’t have the “room” for the extra person. Or whether it is because you really have fallen away from this person in the last couple months and just dont feel like she should be in the wedding. Of course the mature thing to do is to either just let them be one of your bridesmaid and find a way to accommodate your alterior motives in another way or just respectfully ask them if they would be ok with stepping down from the position. It is very likely that she may feel as if this is just something you want, and is just doing it to please you. But lets for a second imagine that you are curious of what you could do, to lose that bridesmaid. (Or use this as a guideline of what NOT to do to your bridal party.) You know that you won’t really do it, but if you did what would you do. Or worse imagine you are an incredibly evil bride from hell, and just wanted to know just what it would take to lose a bridesmaid in as little as 10 days! If you are in the mood to burn bridges and ruin some friendships (and we sincerely hope you aren’t) then just follow these simple rules!

1. Try to pick every little detail that your bridesmaid (undesirable) does and fight over it. If she picks blue, you want red. Once she gets red, let her know it’s the wrong red. Follow the classic game of bring me a rock, ohh wait not that rock. And of course really ream her for making you do “EVERYTHING MYSELF!” Bonus points for really rubbing it in further and laughing and having a good time with all the other girls, letting her especially know (although not verbal) that she is not welcome. Regardless to how much work she does make sure to comment on how much more work you need and how none of your bridesmaids seem to be helping!

2. Have more fun with your other bridesmaids! Have a night out with all the girls and mistakenly not invite her. But make sure to not do it just once or twice, but often. Do spontaneous fun things with the other girls and make sure to post on facebook with all the details of your wonderful days and nights. For truly all your best times will be with tag-> All my favorite bridesmaids. For a bridesmaid this fun interaction with “ALL” the girls is the equivalent to an affair and will not be taken lightly.

3. Make it a point to embarrass them in public whenever you get the chance. As the wedding approaches you will become a more and more power individual. As far as everything wedding related, people will bend over backward to make sure everything is perfect for you. This includes allowing you to completely humiliate an individual and to have everyone else in the room just laugh along. Just make sure to be funny about it so as to not instigate a mean confrontation, remember what you want is a bridesmaid break-up, not a bridesmaid blow-up!

4. Ignore calls, text messages, tweets, posts, and nearly all other forms of electronic contact with your unwanted bridesmaid. At times this will lead to a potential mistake on items that may be wedding related, which of course can be used later for a humiliating encounter or bring me a rock exercise ( see steps 1 and 3 ). Also, the more silent you are the more time they will have to dwell on all of the your strange almost downright mean interactions. If its early enough feel free to have their invitation or save the date get “lost in the mail”.

5. Make sure to keep asking why she isn’t married yet or when is her wedding going to be. If she is in a serious relationship mention how “well that isn’t serious right?”. Or if she is married frequently comment on how it trashy to do “this this and that” in a wedding. Knowing full well that on her wedding that they did all of that. Feel free to also comment on how you are just so happy you didn’t have to live a loveless marriage/relationship like some people, wink wink. If she isn’t in a relationship make sure to comment how easy it was for you to find that “special someone” and that you had many suitors all the time and seriously could have had anyone. Especially rub this in if you have any relationship at all with their crush, that will certainly tap them over the edge

Well there you have it, phew! You can follow these steps (you evil cruel bride) to lose a bridesmaid in as little as 10 days, or just use it as a template for all the things to make sure you don’t do to your wedding party. In either case, best of luck, hope you enjoyed the article and make sure to stop by anytime!

Jenn Lane Design
Jenn Lane Design

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Modern Black Wedding Invitation
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The Top 5 Biggest Pit Falls of Wedding Planning

Whether you are planning to have a small wedding with only your closest family and friends at a very remote location or a large wedding at the church that you attended in your youth, all couples have an image in their head of their perfect wedding. This can especially be true for the brides (bridelizals), but can also be common in the grooms and other bridal party major players. The image of the perfect flowers, to the perfect dance, to the perfect attire, to the perfect invitations , to the perfect venue. In some cases the image of the perfect wedding can take on a life of its own, and can certainly make some peoples’ lives miserable. To avoid this and other common pitfalls we accumulated a short list of the top 5 biggest pit falls of wedding planning.

1. Picture Perfect
The only thing worse than not having the wedding of your dreams is ruining your perfectly good wedding by becoming a crazy person on your wedding day! Of course you want your wedding to be perfect, we all do. But remember that your wedding should be all about sharing your love with all your friends and family, and not about impressing your boss or even worse, impressing your father’s boss. Yes, without a doubt the single biggest pit fall is you or your parent becoming the wedding czar and demanding perfection! The best way to avoid this is to try to not make anything “perfect” on your wedding day, just make try to make things “beautiful, sweet, nice, or creative”. Put your own stamp on your wedding and try not to stress too much if you can avoid it.

2. The Wedding is ALL about you
Despite what others have told you, if you sent out a large number of wedding invitations for your wedding day, then you won’t be the only people with feelings on that day. One of the biggest pitfalls for wedding planning is making statements like “well its my wedding”. In some cases this is very valid if a guest is getting out of line and suggesting or demanding (normally parents or the wedding party) things from you. But in other cases it is the bride and groom getting out of hand and not thinking about the many guests that took time off work, spent a lot of money on gifts, or airfare, and want nothing more than to see you happy. Just remember if you invited them, you wanted them there, and have to think of their comfort as well.

3. Too big to fail!
In this particular case I am not talking about the government bailing out you or your significant other from wedding debt! In fact I mean quite the opposite. This may be an unusual phrase to describe a wedding, but is almost always the end result of a couple or their parents deciding that the “BEST” place is always the most expensive. Its very common habit. On things that matter most, when selecting product we automatically assume that the most expensive product is the best quality. While in many cases you do get what you pay for. In some cases, including wedding planning, this is not the case. Many brides will go well out of their way to find the best deals. But in other cases they will search high and low for over-priced name brands (don’t get me wrong in many cases the brand makes all the difference!) or $1000 roses. Don’t be a fool, shop around for the best deal and never feel forced to make a deal you can’t afford.

4. Over budget
Buying items overpriced directly leads me to the next biggest pit fall of wedding planning, couples going way over budget. Unlike the wedding, marriage typically lasts more than a day, but some wedding expenses can last a lifetime. Debt, especially credit card debt, can certainly put a strain on a marriage. Don’t make the mistake of spending more than you are prepared to pay and avoid all the heart aches later.

5. Under Time
Taking a complete 180 degree turn from the #4 pitfall, the 5th most prominent pitfall in wedding planning is going way over the top on DIY activities and running out of time. An easy rule of thumb that applies to almost all things wedding related (or otherwise) is the simple rule of 3. Estimate the average amount of time you believe you require to complete an activity and multiple that number by 3. If the resultant number is more than you could commit to before the wedding, then don’t plan on doing it! Although the rule of 3 doesn’t hold for all things, it has been known to be a very conservative estimate for making sure that if anything goes wrong or if you misjudged the complexities of an activity, that it won’t ruin your big day or the many days leading up to it!

Check out all the other fun on our wedding blog from Jenn Lane Design.

Wedding Invitations Packages on Any Budget

No matter what your budget is, wedding invitations packages are not going to be what makes or breaks your wedding finances. In almost all circumstances it is possible to buy beautiful wedding invitations and wedding invitations packages without breaking out your life savings. Wedding invitation shopping is one of those items on every brides to do list that they all look forward to. Finding the right colors, the right textures, and the right price of your wedding invitations is important. Purchasing your wedding stationary should not be one of the more stressful aspects of planning a wedding.

While picking the perfect wedding invitations, keep in mind the general theme of your big day. Your wedding invitations is the first opportunity (second if you sent save the dates, which are especially important for out of town friends and relatives!) you have to set the right tone for your wedding. The wedding invitations will paint the initial picture for your guest of what to expect. Is it a casual beach wedding? Is it a traditional wedding in a gorgous Chapel? Is it a fun filled Vegas wedding + party!? Whatever the theme or formality you decide to have at your wedding, the invitations will ensure even your distant relatives show up in the right attire and prepared for the ceremony and reception of your dreams. The trick is to get your wedding invitations at the highest quality and best price!

Of course the bride and groom doesn’t just send out the wedding invitations unaccompanied, but always include at least the RSVP card, most of the time addressed and stamped for return, together with the invitations. The RSVP card serves as the final communication to the wedding couple of the guests arrival. Although not everyone is going to adhere to the RSVP return deadline, most of your guest will quickly respond with their attendance or lack thereof. All former brides can attest to how frustrating it is having to contact a fraction of their wedding invite lists to follow up and make contact with everyone who hasn’t responded. In these cases thank god for facebook! Just hope they all have accounts!

In addition to the RSVP card many couples decide that they want to include several other wedding invitation items such as reception cards and information regarding local activates and hotel accommodations. Other wedding invitation features can include printed envelopes, tissue overlays, and bride and groom registry information.
While these wedding invitations additions are certainly not mandatory, they certainly can greatly relieve the stress from many of your guests, especially the out of towners.

Wedding invitations are the formal introduction of every bride and grooms wedding celebration. Although there are normally a great deal of additional items that go into a wedding invitation package, shopping for wedding invitations does not need to be expensive. With a little research and planning and most couples will find the perfect invitations and all necessary wedding invitation add-ons without breaking your wedding bank. Like most brides, if you are looking to save some money, you should shop online for your wedding invitations. This will not only save you tons of money, but save you a heck of a lot of time that you can then spend on the other million things you have to do while still planning for a wedding. Too really same some dough, make sure to buy your invitations in packages to spread the savings around.

No matter what you decide to do on your wedding planning make sure you feel comfortable doing it. Try to stay on your wedding budget to reduce the post wedding stress, but never be afraid to make your day special!

Try any of Jenn Lane Design’s wedding invitations packages for the highest quality product for the highest quality of weddings. Jenn Lane Design also offers fully custom wedding stationary solutions for all your truly custom needs, where almost right turns into absolutely perfect.

Wedding Invitations from Jenn Lane Design
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Online Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday Deals for Weddings!

We wanted to do a little research and find what the best Black Friday Deals for Weddings. What we found were a long list of the typical suspects (Walmart, Best Buy, Target) who had great savings on a variety of products that couples could use to save big on their wedding! What we didn’t find was a long list of wedding vendors offering huge discounts making it easy for you to save money on the majority of your wedding list. Although we didn’t find a ton of vendors offering discounts, luckily for you we did find some! Here is our list of online black Friday wedding deals from Jenn Lane Design.

After finding such few websites offering deals, we decided to run a black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday online wedding sale!

Until midnight Monday, we are offering 50% all Holiday cards as well as 50% off our magnetic save the dates and postcard sized save the date cards. These are our hottest selling products that for a limited time you, your family and your friends can snag at a great price. And as always, we do custom ordering, so if something looks almost just right or you already have a design in mind, we can transform it into something perfect!

Simple go to jennlanedesign.com/blackfriday
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In the spirit of wedding deals just for couples a new website BlackFridayWeddingDeals.com has accumulated a large list of wedding vendors offering super savings! The list includes everything from DJ’s to wedding gowns, wedding invitations packages, and many other vendor wedding deals.


IDoDailyDeal offers special savings for couples everyday of the year and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no exceptions. Offering deals for heavily discounted wedding memberships, wedding name changing services, and wedding stationery! Check them out to see what deals they will post next!


is offering super savings from everything online from wedding gowns, to brides maids dresses, to reception favors, and so much more. They are one of the best one stop shop cyber wedding deals you will find on the net. If there are just a few items left on your list, or if your wedding is over a year a way, try lightinthebox over the weekend to save 35-65% of almost everything!

Use our wedding budget calculator to see just how much you’ve saved by shopping online using these great deals! And as always remember to follow us online on our wedding blog for everything from wedding weight loss, to candy buffets to how to save money on your wedding day!

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50% OFF Holiday Cards and Save the Dates

In the spirit of the holidays, Jenn Lane Design is offering 50% off Save the Date cards AND holiday cards Black Friday (November 25th) to Cyber Monday (November 28th).

This is an amazing opportunity to save on both items AND support the small business community!

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Guest Post: Top Ten Wedding Day Beauty Products from Wedding Photographer Lauren Phillips

Your wedding day will be the happiest day in your life; it will also be the most emotional. One minute you will be freezing, the next sweating. One minute you will be laughing, the next hysterically crying. All of this is normal; it’s a big day. But this doesn’t mean you have to go through your big day sweaty with makeup running down your face. Thanks to modern-day beauty products, you can make it through the reception without a hair out of place. Listed below are the top ten beauty products for wedding day:

1. Dior Diorshow Waterproof Mascara; available in black, azure blue and chestnut; $24.50.

2. LORAC Behind the Scenes Eye (shadow) Primer; $20.00.

3. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer; available in colorless shades and colored shades to correct skin pigmentation problems; $32.00-$42.00.

4. Boscia Fresh Blotting Linens-Green Tea; 100 sheets for $10.00.

5. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Strong Hold; $7.00.

6. Dior Lip Maximizer; available in pink and apricot; lasts for up to five hours; $30.00.

7. Degree Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant Clinical Protection; for extra protection; $7.50.

8. Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash; to freshen up your breathe and mouth before the ceremony;$5.97.

9. Gold Bond Extra Strength Body Powder; to cool off your feet and minimize sweaty palms; $7.00.

10. Visine Redness Reliever Eye Drops, Original; to relieve redness caused by crying; $4.00.

Lauren Phillips has been a professional event photographer for 16 years and knows a thing or two about looking great in your wedding photos. She also owns the site Photography Degrees. She likes to write articles about everything photography. For more information, visit www.photographydegrees.org.

How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon

Now that the wedding is over, the dress is covered in dirt, drinks and cake, and the suits have been returned to Men’s Warehouse, it’s time to really get the party started. If the wedding is the main course, then consider the honeymoon a decadent dessert! Plan a trip for you and your fiance that will help you de-stress from the planning, organizing, and hard work you put into getting to this place in your lives. This is truly a time to celebrate! Follow these simple guidelines and plan the stress-free honeymoon of your dreams.

Set your budget early and stick to it!
Don’t torture yourself by looking at locations that you can’t afford to visit. Talk with your fiancé about your budget, and keep that number in mind when you search for your honeymoon destination.

Think Outside the Box
Most people automatically think of a beach side resort when they start planning their honeymoons, but there are so many other amazing destinations and trips to choose from! If you are an adventurous type, plan a hike through a worldwide known landmark or a visit to a romantic camping trip. If you are kids at heart, visit a popular theme park and ride all of your favorite rides while eating cotton candy and ice cream. You don’t have to be on a beach to be on your honeymoon.

Talk to a Travel Agent
The internet can be a big black hole when it comes to finding information. If you simply type in “honeymoon destinations” you’ll be inundated with sites and information and advice that you might not need. Talk to a travel agent or planner who can help guide you in the right direction, and help you find the best deals.

Search For the Best Deal
Speaking of deals, don’t’ be afraid to search for them!With the economy coming back from a large downswing, many companies, hotels and travel companies are offering deals and packages that are very affordable. Search travel sites like Groupon Getaways to find a package deal and save a ton of money to spend on drinks and seashell necklaces for your family back home.

Plan Ahead
If you decide to plan your honeymoon at the last minute, expect things to get expensive, especially if you’re traveling out of the country. By booking tickets early, at least a year in advance, you can not only guarantee your rentals but save a lot of cash as well. Start with flights, and then work your way down to the smaller details.

Have a Checklist
It may seem like it would be more fun to plan a spontaneous trip, but you’re better off having a detailed list of everything you need to book, rent, buy and pack. Make sure you check the weather forecasts ahead of time so you know exactly what conditions to pack for, print all of your rental agreements and make sure you have all of your travel documents on hand and ready to go.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself
The stress of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. The honeymoon is a chance for you and your new spouse to take a break and simply enjoy being married. Unplug from technology, leave the phone at home, and take lots of pictures! Cherish the time you have together, because once it’s over, it’s back to reality!

Before you take the trip of a lifetime, you should probably get married first! Shop wedding invitations packages, save the date cards, thank you cards and much more at www.jennlanedesign.com!